Traders. Not Traitors 
Traders. Not Traitors 
Traders. Not Traitors 
Traders. Not Traitors 

“Traders. Not Traitors” is a playful, fast moving TV commercial that throws the ever growing problem at our audience: how can you trust something that you only just understand?

On-Set Photography

We have a traitor in our midst.
It's not anyone we can point to.
A completely overwhelming labyrinth of online trading complexities...

“Traders. Not Traitors” is a commercial built on a “punny” central branding metaphor. In using “traitor” and “trader” as homonyms, a direct line from the problem to the solution is drawn. This analogy establishes trust and transparency as Ticker Tocker’s biggest selling points.

We have a trader in our midst.

The concept has all the makings of a signature launch spot for Ticker Tocker. With a laugh out loud punchline, the Ticker Tocker TV commercial script gives an incredible opportunity to capture strong, memorable performances while fully enjoying the visual juxtaposition of a historical figure in modern context. The personality of the spot is richly layered and demands a viewer’s full attention. With Ticker Tocker being a premium investment platform, the production of the inaugural TV commercial aimed to communicate the highest level of thoughtfulness and execution.


The tone of the Ticker Tocker commercial is of a world that feels very grounded and dry, which juxtaposes with a larger-than-life character who feels totally out of place, to great comedic effect. For these complex mechanics to succeed, our standards were set at the highest possible level when deciding who will best internalize and deliver the nuanced comedic role.

Comedic Timing

As viewers, we can infer a lot without words. But with comedy–– especially dry humor–– timing is everything. It’s the difference between a joke that lands or misses the mark. The best actors have a great sense of timing innately. From choosing the best cast to ensuring that we pulled the best out of the performances, we left the set with the footage needed to craft a tightly-structured film during editing after 1 day of filming.

The Ticker Tocker commercial has all the makings of a fast, funny and shareable piece of comedy that reminds us all of just that. Full of great character acting, sharp writing, elegant product demonstrations and sleek production design.

The Ticker Tocker TV commercial aired on MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, Fox Business, Fox News, Bloomberg TV, News Channel 12, ESPN and more, specifically targeting the demographic that would match Ticker Tocker’s 2-tiered client base of users and Leaders.