We are excited to announce the launch of CREAIT, a new division of Eff Creative Group focused on developing custom AI tools, technologies and GenAI products through our strategic partnership with The Factory, a boutique AI-centric venture capital fund and studio focused on early stage investing based in Menlo Park, California.

Our strategic partnership leverages the AI expertise and technologies from The Factory’s Silicon Valley network combined with our creative expertise in designing, developing and packaging digital solutions for enterprise and retail products.

Our goal in this partnership is to seamlessly and effectively integrate custom AI technologies into any business and product.
The Factory works with visionary entrepreneurs and invests in companies poised to revolutionize their industries in the AI/ML space. At the heart of The Factory is Chris Ré, whose vision for how AI will evolve over the next decade is unparalleled, supported by a seasoned team of operators and advisors. The Factory boasts a profound comprehension of both the technical visions of their portfolio companies and the markets they navigate.

Access to the Factory and its portfolio companies provides a steady stream of cutting-edge enterprises, offering exposure to ground-breaking thought leadership from widely recognized experts in the field. This exclusive access presents an opportunity to capitalize early on industry-leading innovations, particularly in the realms of Foundation Models and Generative AI, with the potential to propel and reshape businesses.
Chris, an Associate Professor in the Stanford AI Lab, CRFM and the Machine Learning Group, is a pioneering figure in shaping the next generation of AI systems. His lab focuses on the foundations of the next generation of AI systems. His research on new architectures, data roles, and mathematical foundations has not only inspired multiple startups but also influenced tech giants like Apple Google, Facebook and many others. Widely respected in academia and the tech industry, Chris’s work has earned “test of time awards” at major AI conferences, and he was the recipient of the 2015 MacArthur Foundation’s “Genius Award.”
“We are excited about the endless possibilities that this strategic partnership will allow us to explore. Together with The Factory, we can apply our experience in building groundbreaking digital solutions with the best AI has to offer, truly establishing us as trailblazers in this rapidly growing industry of AI that is now shaping our world.”
Doron J. Fetman & Toby Hassan-Fishman, The Eff Creative Founders
Doron J. Fetman
CEO & Founder
Toby Hassan-Fishman
Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder
2024 . 
To begin the year Eff announced the launch of CREAIT, a new AI division of Eff Creative Group focused on developing custom AI tools and technologies for their clients through their strategic partnership with The Factory, a boutique AI-centric venture capital fund and studio focused on early stage investing based in Menlo Park, California.
2023 .
With the dawn of AI products like ChatGPT, we're witnessing opportunities reminiscent of the early days of the internet. Eff stealthily embarked on a mission to make a lasting impact in yet another industry. Immersed in thorough research, we delved into the dynamic AI landscape of the time. Our efforts bore fruit as we pioneered the development of innovative AI tools and technologies, poised to fuel the creation of compelling consumer and enterprise-driven products.
2022 . 
Since the pandemic, the rise in demand in the collectibles industry nationwide has skyrocketed. The card collectibles market, for example, has returned 400% since 2020 despite the overall market downturn. Eff has been working on a variety of patented technologies, bringing their years of expertise in the fintech industry into the rapidly rising collectibles space. Together with industry leaders in the Hobby, Eff is developing the technological infrastructure to innovate the collectibles industry in order to expand its’ reach worldwide.

Meanwhile, across the globe, Eff Asia’s client Boddess experienced significant expansion with the opening of 2 retail locations in India, breaking barriers with their cutting edge approach to the beauty industry in the Eastern hemisphere.
2021 . 
2021 brought with it a variety of changes to the world as a whole and with that, new opportunities and ways of doing business. Eff has always been on the cusp of trending industries and therefore, it was only fitting to work on products that were designed to help those suffering from the lasting ramifications of the pandemic. Eff proudly helped their client, NucleusCare, build and launch a new, life-saving SAAS product that helped hospitals, nursing homes and the assisted living communities. The Seness device was designed and developed by Eff on behalf of NucleusCare to provide connection to the most vulnerable population living in isolation. Our project won awards for its innovation including “Most Valuable Technology Innovation for Covid19 Response.”
2020 . 
After the Ticker Tocker asset purchase agreement with Eff Creative Group, the Eff team worked directly for Ticker Tocker through their contracted time. Ticker Tocker and Eff won a series of awards for ‘Best Social Trading platform’ focusing specifically on its interface design in the Fintech Breakthrough Awards, the American Business Awards and the International Business Awards. The Ticker Tocker TV commercial launched on CNBC, MSNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg, ESPN, CNN and more, elevating Ticker Tocker’s image to nationwide recognition. During the Covid19 pandemic, Ticker Tocker reached new milestones including a more than 500% increase in its user base, with more than 20,000 investors consuming Leaders’ expertise and products on the platform. Additionally, Ticker Tocker’s new, in-platform and syndicated trading TV channel, Ticker Tocker TV, reached more than 10,000 subscribers and over 375,000 monthly impressions combined across all distribution channels within 3 months of its launch.
2019 . 
2019 witnessed the launch of Ticker Tocker after nearly 3 years of extensive strategy, design and software development to build the platform to the point of a beta launch. With the retail trading industry flocking to copy-trading, algorithmic trading, and social investing tools, Eff was engaged to identify opportunities for marketing expansion and ongoing feature development. Meanwhile across the globe, Eff’s Singapore office was awarded 2 prestigious Asia Pacific Awards for its expansion and welcomed its first client in the region in India’s rapidly growing beauty industry. With Eff’s ‘think West, act East’ mentality this client required the perfect combination of Eff’s diversity, creativity and experience. 2019 also marked Eff’s third consecutive year on the Inc. 5000 list, ranking #1201 with three year sales growth of 344% and multiple wins in the American and International Business Awards. ​In August of 2019, Ticker Tocker entered into an asset purchase agreement with Eff Creative Group, bolstering Ticker Tocker’s leadership and strengthening its position as the most robust social trading platform on the market.
2018 . 
The highlight of 2018 was Eff’s expansion to Singapore, the global business hub of Asia, a natural next step for the company. The region, booming with technology and innovation, has a strong demand for creative and design-centric services. With their award-winning, globally recognized services, Eff Creative Group’s new footprint in the market will help strengthen the region’s creative offering. The company’s new office is headquartered in the prestigious Capital Tower located in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District, alongside prestigious tenants including JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. and CapitaLand Group.

2018 also marked Eff’s second year on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies in America, ranking #408 with three year sales growth of 1,230%.
2017 . 
While 2016 was a year of growth, 2017 was a year of recognition and expansion. With multiple awards received for almost all verticals offered by Eff’s services, the regional and international validation for being a true master of all trades was given in the form of gold, silver and bronze. Additionally, Eff was listed as the 403rd Fastest Growing Company in America in the prestigious Inc 500 list with 1,085.4% sales growth.
2016 . 
2016 catapulted Eff into the Financial, Nutraceutical and Health & Wellness industries. The vertical integration strategy was now fully realized, standing on three distinct pillars which guided Eff’s growing team. This allowed Eff to take ownership of all facets of the product development, launch and marketing process to bring success to a variety of products in these competitive and sophisticated categories.
2015 . 
By 2015, Eff’s infrastructure was strong enough to begin developing strategic partnerships in helping to bring in a larger clientele. The focus became working with less clients over longer periods of time, ensuring quality over quantity and an elite level of service. With this mindset, Eff partnered with select clients, ensuring product success by becoming an integral part of a team while performing the services to build their groundbreaking products. Eff’s continued growth led to expanded service offerings of mobile and e-commerce software development, digital marketing and social media marketing and management.
2014 . 
The most significant event of 2014 was the relocation of Eff to its new headquarters in Eleven Times Square. Joining the ranks of Microsoft, E-Marketer and Proskauer, Eff found its home amongst the Times Square hustle visible from the floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the iconic Madame Tussauds and the New Year’s Eve ball. With a new foundation to build on and a growing client list, Eff continued to hire new talent from different parts of the world. 2014 was a year of solidifying infrastructure and continued growth.
2013 . 
An entrepreneur at the core with over 15 years of experience in bringing consumer-focused digital and retail products to market and with four successful exits to speak of, Doron Fetman set his sights on forming a vertically integrated solution to the inefficiencies that every entrepreneur and company faces. Going from concept to reality with multiple stakeholders, separate vendors and independent contractors is a recipe for extended timelines, missed deliverables and wasted money. Thus, the vision of Eff Creative Group was born and implementation began.

The launch of Eff officially began at 323 W. 39th Street, in a 3-room office that sat the first few who made up the team. Eff hired individuals who had entrepreneurial mindsets and were masters of their specific skill set. The result was an eclectic team made of young dreamers alongside experienced leaders and implementors. This was a year of nurturing and mentoring of ambitious and brilliant minds.