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Tommie Copper 
Tommie Copper 

The world’s leading original compression wear brand aimed to reinvent itself to expand target markets and set itself apart from competitors through powerful messaging and a strong social media campaign. Our curated content creation resonated across all social media platforms.

Social Media

Tommie Copper - the compression wear industry’s leading original brand ran into a roadblock when traditional Above the Line marketing practices began to undermine their potentially powerful online presence, leaving a gap in their digital marketing efforts toward greater brand recognition. Our expertise in digital marketing allowed us to roll up our sleeves and conduct an in-depth market research process that allowed us to gauge compression wear market trends worldwide.

After thorough data analysis, we created an aggressive 3-month social media strategy along with content targeted for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

We also conducted several in house and internationally located photoshoots in Singapore and Hong Kong - giving the brand a national as well as a global presence over the course of our contract. Our original content creation process was backed by strategy and executed to boost our globally viral social campaigns across the board.

In order to tie in crucial brand elements, we utilized the presence of celebrity brand ambassadors such as former NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason and former Real Housewife of New York City’s Heather Thomson within our initiatives, while also creating campaigns for social awareness issues such as veteran support & solidarity. We created visual and written content to display Tommie Copper’s state of the art product on the Home Shopping Network, Evine where the product was sold out within the first hour within multiple events.

Through our compelling social content we successfully reached our goal of increased social engagement. The audience engagement increased by 94.3% on Facebook, 522.5% on Twitter and 1,329.7% on Instagram.

Tommie Copper’s signature hashtags #WearableWellness and #TommieCopperTravels created a stir online and gave Tommie Copper a mass digital following as well as an indispensable place in the lives of consumers.

“Well rounded communications that reach different targeted segments. Detailed segmentation of video content offers short but precise info and insight of what the brand has to offer to target audience.”

“Very good campaign plan, supported by great visuals that achieved both of the goals set. Well done.”

“Well done creating a comprehensive social strategy and seeing impressive increases in social engagements.”