TickerTocker expanded into the live streaming space, with the launch of TickerTockerTV, a live 8-hour daily show of actionable trading content.

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TickerTocker had a unique challenge - with hundreds of Leaders offering thousands of products for sale on TickerTocker, the world’s #1 award winning social trading marketplace, how can one stand out to attract customers, when their products are relatively complex and often require significant education and explanation?

TickerTocker’s primary tool for ultimate exposure: 8 hours of LIVE actionable trading content hosted by Ticker Tocker Leaders. TickerTockerTV is TickerTocker’s 24 hour media stream consisting of 8 hours of fresh live content every day produced live during market hours.

Ticker Tocker TV is an internal and syndicated network that reaches hundreds of thousands of followers across Ticker Tocker social media channels, within the Ticker Tocker platform and through the Ticker Tocker widget.

Eligible Leaders are given a segment on the Ticker Tocker TV channel to promote their products through a structured segment.

Live Trading:
The most raw, unfiltered trading content that exists.

TickerTocker Leaders open up their trading rooms to the TickerTockerTV audience for live trading segments. This provides potential subscribers a glimpse into the content that a Leader can charge for in their personal live channels for a limited amount of time.

Weekly Recap: Reflect and Advise

In this segment, a Leader has the opportunity to recap the week’s activity and discuss how it affected the decisions that they made in their trading. This segment aired Fridays to close out the week or Mondays to recap the week prior and provide advice for the days ahead.

Highlights of the Day: The Big Moments

A Leader who hosts this segment recaps the highlights and “big moments” that occurred during that day on the markets which were captured on the TickerTocker platform in trade ideas and verified trades with positive performance.

Ticker Tocker’s Primary Mission

Leaders who have extensive knowledge of the markets can provide general education segments for the more novice TickerTocker users.

Best Trades Of The Day: Curated Highlights to Share

When Leaders have a big moment on their own personal channels, they were able to send it to the TickerTockerTV production team so that it can be included in the ‘Best Trades of the Day’ segment to highlight the incredible moments that occurred daily within the TickerTocker community.

Leader Profile: Customized Segment  Packages

Every Leader that is introduced on Ticker Tocker TV is introduced to the community with a branded asset package to ensure that their segment fits within the Ticker Tocker brand and provides information to establish the credibility of the Leader with professionalism.

Ticker Tocker instantly welcomed 8 hours of fresh, live content streamed in by Ticker Tocker Leaders upon launch. Within 3 months, Ticker Tocker TV had more than 10,000 subscribers and over 375,000 monthly impressions combined across all distribution channels.

Ticker Tocker TV notably launched at the onset of the Covid19 pandemic outbreak - a most opportune time for at home traders and investors to relish the opportunity for live education in navigating the turbulent stock market. The team behind Ticker Tocker always preached the necessity for active trading decision-making even before the recent spike in market volatility. With this knowledge, the Ticker Tocker team built a platform to take advantage of this change in retail trading consumer behavior. Through innovative products such as live broadcast channels with actionable trading chat rooms, Ticker Tocker TV, live copy-trading Trade Ideas and Verified Trades, automated trading strategies, newsletters, and more, Ticker Tocker gave traders the capability to take advantage of market opportunities immediately, before the next swing in a turbulent market.