The evolution of what became a best selling girls’ hair accessory brand around the world, started in the imagination of a young single mother trying to empower her daughter with creative play in the cosmopolitan capital of the world - New York City.

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What started as a hobby soon became an multi-award winning business, when a single working mom decided to create a dynamic hair accessory for girls wanting to indulge in creative play called SpaghettiHeadz™.

Jennifer Lopez with daughter, Emme in SpaghettiHeadz.

With its proprietary eco-friendly clay material, SpaghettiHeadz™, a dynamic and high quality hair accessory for girls, is able to grip onto any hair type without tangling or falling out and is able to be cut to any size with it’s ‘one size fits all’ motto as an accessible hair twist product.

Shortly after it’s initial launch, SpaghettiHeadz™ was picked up by most major networks such as Fox, NBC, ABC News and rated as the top stocking stuffer for girls during the holiday season of 2014.

Since its inception in September 2014, SpaghettiHeadz™ was spreading across the nation through major retailers such as Target, Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Zulily while simultaneously growing its international presence with distributors in South Korea, Dubai and Canada.

With rapid global expansion and booming sales, winter of 2017 was the time to take away age boundaries for SpaghettiHeadz™ and get girls of all ages to join in on the fun.

Team Twists™ was launched with 9 collections, designed with school and team colors for girls to wear at sporting events.

Two brands, 50 SKUs and three patents later, SpaghettiHeadz™ is a growing movement not only among little girls but also among adults and anyone who wishes to express any part of their identity - sports teams, hobbies, movie characters, etc.

The brand’s 2017 signings with college campuses and a large scaled film such as The Smurfs Movie and the 3 approved patents have transformed SpaghettiHeadz™ from just a product to a powerful idea - traversing age, ethnicity and creative limitations of any kind.

“Super creative and astonishingly simple, SpaghettiHeadz has global appeal.”

“This is such a great example of not only a great product, but also the immense efforts to strategically partner and develop the market to ensure product success.”

“Excellent progress to drive growth in the business; great product extensions and campaigns.”