With a revolutionary product at hand, we had the task of transforming the brand formerly known as “Re” through planning and research, branding and packaging, website design and development, content creation and digital marketing for the publicly traded company, MYOS.

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Consumer Product
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Dr. Robert J. Hariri, MD, PhD
Chairman and CEO at Celularity;
Former Founder, Chairman & CEO Celgene Cellular Therapeutics
Former Executive Chairman, MYOS Corporation

MYOS RENS Technology, a public biotechnology company that created the world's first natural food product to foster natural muscle growth using an ingredient called Fortetropin® had a breakthrough product, but lacked the means to communicate it effectively.

Through research and data analysis, Eff Creative Group transformed a single product - originally called "Re" into 3 dynamic verticals and rebranded the product line, Qurr Fortetropin, to make it into a viral movement.

A major transformation derived from our ideation phase was changing the name from “Re” to “Qurr” as the former comprised of 15% of all the words in the English language and failed to appear on the first page for any search keywords, thereby making it unmarketable.

Qurr (pronounced Cure) allowed us to get creative with wordplay and branding while advertising the product’s function within its name as a verb itself. Additionally, we decided to give the product a segmented focus and specific targeted messaging by splitting it into 3 different verticals - each targeting a different audience (Strong, Well and Toned). We created diversified narrative content through graphics, videos and testimonials to educate the consumer about Qurr's benefits and repackaged the physical product to bring it in line with the renewed vision and strategy.

In order to diversify, we explored the bioengineered foods industry as it has gained momentum amidst those with busy lifestyles around the world with products such as Soylent being a major example. Our client’s product caters to this need for convenience and efficiency with its functional nutritional nature.

We identified these growing markets, and created a specific strategy with messaging, appealing color schemes and visuals to communicate the product in an efficient yet powerful way - catering to each vertical's individual needs.

Our experience with MYOS RENS is the perfect example of a successful strategic transformation of a revolutionary product into a household name. Our strategy and designs didn’t just sell a protein activator, they told inspiring stories that made a global impact.

“Rebranding and marketing a complex product requires enormous public education. Eff Creative did a commendable job of using various media to support the campaign - educational packaging, testimonials and video descriptions.”

““A fine example of the wisdom in asking the question: ‘So, what’s in a name?’ Plenty, it would seem.”