In recent years, the sports memorabilia market has exploded, outperforming the S&P 500 continuously and is viewed and accepted as an attractive alternative investment. Showcasing collectibles on social media is both fun and a meaningful investment for these investments.

Social Media

A unique variety of pieces, each category a portion of the whole.

The Pienance private collection is curated within 5 overall categories including cards, memorabilia, media, art and comics. Items within these categories include sealed wax boxes & cases, graded sports & non-sports cards & memorabilia, graded TCG, game-used memorabilia, tickets, movie props, sealed & graded video games, VHS, vintage toys & vintage comics, art and more.

Before getting to the main course...the appetizer, an introduction to the brand. Pie, anyone?

And then, the main event. A delectable assortment of high end content for high value pieces. With every item came an opportunity to creatively express it’s provenance and information in bite sized pieces.

Warning: Scrolling is highly addictive and may produce feelings of nostalgia.