Parrotty is a platform that was created by music lovers for music lovers who love to engage in the thrill of discovering music that sounds sampled, stolen or similar.

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What started as a hobby of curating a Spotify playlist loaded with hundreds of songs that sounded similar to each other soon became a full blown platform.

Parrotty, a product of both passion and strategic creativity is a music platform where users can vote on whether they believe two songs in a “Parrotty” are sampled, stolen, or similar. Users can also participate in the movement by creating their own Parrotty videos in a simple video editor, where they drag two songs that they believe sound similar to create their own 30 second video for people to vote on.

The Parrotty brand is based upon the notion that artists are perhaps taking “creative inspiration” too far and thereby mimicking previous artists.

Parrotty’s content and users transcend genres, languages and artists, to serve audiences with some eye-opening similarities behind their favorite artists.

“Parrotty is indeed a revolutionary music platform. Highly rich content of music controversy, the technology and experience is well developed, engagement throughout the site where users can submit and create their own Parrotty is making the site very exclusive and unique. Nice work!”

“A good play on the words. I applaud them for their effort in taking on a behemoth on its own turf.”