If the Covid19 pandemic taught us anything, it is the importance of remaining connected. Technology ceased to be a luxury, evolving into a lifeline for our most vulnerable populations. Seness by NucleusCare emerges from a profound understanding of the requirements within extended care settings, spanning home care, senior living, assisted living, and developmental disability communities.

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NucleusCare was originally founded in 2013 as a consumer technology company focused on building a wireless video intercom system. Their first product launched 2016 that quickly sold over 30,000 units in its first few months.

As customers began using the product, it was clear that the most frequent and important use case was for families taking care of their vulnerable relatives which led the company to focus exclusively on building a product for those in the senior living, assisted living and home care healthcare segments. With a shortage of available caregivers, the vulnerable population and their loved ones expect and demand technology to help fill that gap. NucleusCare has responded to this demand by thoughtfully designing products exclusively to help care for this underserved market.

In September of 2020 we set out to create and launch NucleusCare’s newest version of their product, Seness.

MedTech: (MEDical TECHnology) any product, service or solution that uses technology to improve peoples health, thereby making them necessities to improve patients lives.

“Seness by NucleusCare saved my life”

Our video production for Seness by NucleusCare included powerful testimonials from real users. The Harrington couple appeared on the news when film crews arrived to witness Dennis’s release from Mather Hospital after a long battle with Covid-19. We’re lucky go have gotten to sit down with them to hear their full story after they credited NucleusCare for saving Dennis’s life.

Relaunching a product comes with challenges including disconnected web properties, disparate landing pages and irrelevant messaging. We tackled the challenge head-on with a bold vision of providing a unified sales-first website that would allow NucleusCare to target a larger share of both their existing market as well as to expand into new markets. The new site's foundation was focused around a stratified set of key verticals organized into targeted user acquisition funnels. Then, the site architecture was split between providing users different amounts of information in strategic ways to prequalify sales opportunities before they even reached the sales team.

This strategic infrastructure allowed the NucleusCare sales and marketing teams to reduce their support and outreach burden to instead focus on closing inbound leads and ecommerce sales from a set of unified dashboards linked within company CRM and helpdesks. This critical digital transformation project not only automated these efforts but have led to a successful relaunch of the brand with scale and efficiency at all-time corporate highs.

The new NucleusCare brand family provides a unique lexicon of iconography to illustrate the full set of features that makes up the all-encompassing world of care offered by Seness.

Eff’s sweet spot is in helping brands develop their go-to-market strategy and providing branding, product design, digital design, software development and marketing for the process alongside constant leadership advisory.

Our go-to-market strategy for Seness by NucleusCare included the creation of a retail consumer product. We developed complimentary features on the NucleusCare website to accompany our marketing campaign including a feature comparison page, product calculator page, interactive social components and more to accompany our efforts.

A sense of comfort…a sense of security… a sense of support…the Seness brand is a play on the word ‘senses’ acting as the eyes 👀 ears👂🏼and loving touch 🙌🏼 for those that cannot care for themselves.

Our approach for B2B marketing included highly targeted content creation for the specific verticals that the Seness by NucleusCare product services - hospitals, senior living facilities & providers and IDD (intellectual & developmental disability) facilities.

“It is especially gratifying to work with clients whose mission is to do good in this world.” said Doron J. Fetman, CEO and Founder of Eff Creative Group, “We are proud to be recognized for our work and are looking forward to seeing NucleusCare truly disrupt the med-tech industry with their technology.”