Lynn Tilton 

Lynn Tilton, “The Wonder Woman of Wall Street”, and CEO of household names such as Stila Cosmetics, MD Helicopters, Dura Automotive, and hundreds more aspired to rally millions of supporters behind her cause in convincing the American people of her sweeping ideas for the American economy.


In the summer of 2016, Lynn Tilton, a notoriously polarizing public figure, sought to build public support for her imminent legal battle with the SEC while supporting her efforts of bringing manufacturing into the USA.

While her intentions were right, her methods of garnering support remained ineffective, and that is where our team saw the greatest opportunity. Instead of using traditional PR efforts to better her image through public statements, we embarked upon a social movement through several digital conduits with Tilton to make her a household name.

The strategy was simple: Rather than encourage support for an individual, the campaign would focus on the core values and ideals that Lynn’s businesses stood for and have proven time and again.

Supporting American manufacturing, keeping jobs in America, supporting hundreds of thousands of employees through the dignity of work: THIS is what the American people will stand behind and enthusiastically support.

Through an aggressive 3-month campaign, Eff garnered over a million social media followers behind Tilton and transformed her image from being a defeated public figure into a benevolent activist of job-creation for Americans.

The success of this campaign created a groundswell of support which landed Tilton on the covers of large publications such as Bloomberg Businessweek.

Our greatest feat in our viral hashtags #SheForAll and #AllLynn was the impact it created not only on Tilton’s image but on all the noble causes she stood for. We took an individual challenge and addressed it in a poignant and wholesome way to reach an audience far wider than anyone could imagine.

We diminished the lines of divisiveness and influenced people to rally behind an idea everyone can vouch for - employment and equality.